Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada presents:
Integral Transpersonal Institute provides transpersonal training that is fully recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and University Resources of Italy. Clinical methodology of the training is named biotransenergetics, that represents a new transpersonal methodology, which comes from ancient traditions of wisdom represented by shamanism, perennial philosophy, integrated psycho spiritual works, and experiential transpersonal psychotherapy. The methodology of learning, we name is transe learning[1], the biotransenergetics and the methodology of transe learning was used in training since 1982 in more than 30 000 hours of training and clinical work, and was presented in more than 50 conferences all around the world, in more than 15 countries. Now we start to think about the object of our research. The transpersonal methodology has the object of self realization, but what is the self, as for example ………… says (1:50), the self is not the object, it is the subject, the self has no space and has no time. The self which is the essence of our life, our soul, our psyching, represents the whole totality of our inner experience. So if the self is the object, which is the subject of our works, we have to ask how we can perform the work, the methodology and the training that respects the true nature of the self. Of course we know the self manifests itself through the ego, in other words the self is like something in the backstage, and the ego, which is its manifestation, is on the stage. The dual mind is the tool of the ego, the dual mind that is the rational mind represents the instrument in finding out the manifestation of our self. But in order to reach the self we have to go beyond the mind, beyond the dual mind, beyond the ego, and open our consciousness to the limitless mind, that has to work in real with the state of consciousness, we have to expand our normal state of consciousness, that is our first and second perception tools, fact which will lead us beyond the stage. If we think about our curriculum of studies we can realize that the first study of our life was provided by something we can call “or/or fallacy” which represents just the theory of studies, and the practice and the experience is something that is out of the curriculum of study. Many of the models represented by our educational methodologies are just theories, where experience is not included. It is like a thing having matter, but lacking spirit, or something that works with our minds but forgets about the consciousness. This is the conventional way to learn. Of course there are some post conventional ways to learn, that is by means of putting together the body and the mind, the matter and the spirit. We name this methodology “and/and fallacy”, which is achieved by studying some intellectual theories with the mind, and afterwards we practice this as a medication.  Through means of this way we are putting together two separate ways of experience, that is that of mind and spirit, or consciousness and awareness, or matter and spirit. But we are putting together something! Of course this is a better way to learn than the previous one, but in our vision it is not respecting the dual mind, the reality on the stage. We can say that we got from the reality to the future. The dual mind thinks, it is always in the process of judgment, the dual mind usually fights, tries to develop strategies, achieves some goals, moves from one point to another. The dual mind tries to control a part of something. The dual mind asks questions and tries to find out answers. We want to know the reason for that. The dual mind usually delegates, delegates to the science, or to something outside the mere knowledge, trying to solve the problems. Of course all of this is something normal, something understandable, but we say that in order to reach the self we have to go beyond the dual mind and try to develop the united mind, in other words we have to stay instead of going away.
To stay: here and now, because the subject, the self is here and now, and all processes happen here and now. We say that we have to watch our judgment. Of course we can judge but we have to watch our judgment.
To accept:  that we have strategies, we have goals, we have problems and limits, and we have boundaries.
To give up: instead of controlling better to let go, because the self is something that happens beyond our attachment, beyond our identification, and beyond our control.
To find: the self is here and now, everything is here and now, so to acknowledge the truth we just have to watch, to stay, because the self is here and now. Staying here and now and feeling it with all my senses, not only with the five senses, but also with the inductive mind in order to find out what is happening now.
To take responsibility: we are used to delegate the unity of mind to stay here and now, in contact with the self – this means to take responsibility for our life, for our problems.
To lead with facts: when we try to solve problems we use our minds only, but it is said that we cannot resolve a problem with the same mind that has created it.  To solve the problem we have to create a state of trance, that is to change our state of consciousness, in which we would realize that problem and its effects.
In order to realize all this we have to use our methodology of trans learning, which suggests a way of learning, that implies the here and now concept, that gives the ability to recognize that ego and self are here and now, one inside the other. We do not have to separate or unify them, because they are already united, already are here and now. If you do something to separate them we perform a fallacy, but at the same time if we try to unite them we do a mistake, because they are already as one whole unit. So we have to try to develop a mind that is a unified mind, beyond our dual mind, which would recognize that everything is here and now. To achieve this we have to use a methodology. The methodology of transe learning helps us to realize that the above unity is here and now, and no necessity of putting together exists. This way we can resume the skills of our transpersonal learning, the skills of biotransenergetics, that is, for example, coming from personal history to self realization, helping people to walk from problems, identification,  ego and personal history towards self realization. From problems to quality, that is to recognize that each problem in each decease, in its each symptom contains positive qualities, and if these forces are treated positively they may overcome the problems. From dual mind to unity in mind. This does not mean that unity in mind fights the dual mind, but passing through dual mind we can recognize the unity of mind, the dual mind being transient. From reality to truth, that is all that happens is reality, facts exposed on stage, but through the visible reality on stage we can realize what is beyond the stage, and namely the truth. We do not say that the truth is universal, we can say that there is a place where we can go and realize the truth for something. And finally go from knowledge to insight. All the real knowledge, the real comprehension is something that comes from inside, and lets us reach the wisdom. So we can try by means of this training to reach the wisdom of the humanity, which is nurtured inside all of us.

[1] Pinoli P. (2013) Facciamo che, Iti edizioni, Milano

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