BEYOND THE MIND Theory and Practice of Transpersonal Psychology

1.1 Introduction

I and God, Ego and Self, material and spiritual, individual and wholeness, personal and transpersonal. Exploring these dyads is like exploring the realm where “angels fear,” as Gregory Bateson says.
That is exactly the place we are going to explore.

I thereby ask love and knowledge, consciousness and responsibility, humbleness and respect to lead my way.

I hope that along the journey we take together, each one of us will be able to let go of the heavy burden of identifications and projections, of attachments and expectations, of judgements and fundamentalism.

The declared aim is to share with a wider audience the birth, development, principles and methods of the transpersonal movement.

This is a movement that is on one side deeply rooted in science as a child of the new holistic paradigm, having grown in the scientific community, and on the other side connected to tradition, as expression of a world concept that matches Leibnitz’s ‘perennial philosophy’: the vision of ancient spiritual traditions shared by the wise men and mystics of every age.

The reasons that led me to tackle this task are personal and public; transpersonal, in fact. And I intend to declare both.

To me, sharing the tale of my personal story means sharing the context in which these words were born and have taken up meaning. It implies creating the best conditions to understand them, to get in touch first with the hearts of my journey’s companions and subsequently meeting concepts. It requires first relating with the human being concerned in life and then with the physician and psychotherapist concerned with scientific exactness.

Classics teach us that human life is the story of a journey home as in the case of Ulysses.

To me, sharing a model–the transpersonal–and more specifically a methodology–Biotransenergetics–developed on the way, means giving my contribution so that each of us will be able to accomplish his/her journey home, may get to know reliable means, both cognitive and practical, to sail in the ocean of consciousness and to reach the ‘Ithaca’ of one’s most genuine nature.

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