Identification of Key Authors & Texts in Transpersonal Psychology


Geneva Mahala Shewmaker, Victor Carrington, Louis Hoffman, Nathan Kmura, Jennifer O’Neil, Jane Paige, Jacquie Rathsack, Danielle Silveira, Gwendolyn S. Sipes, & Tammi Vu

Saybrook University


Transpersonal psychology is a highly theoretically diverse branch of psychology with many different subdivisions within the broader field of transpersonal psychology. The purpose of this research project was to clarify the primary influences upon the development of transpersonal psychology. The survey was distributed widely through transpersonal psychology training programs, organizations, listservs, and other social media outlets. Sixty-three people began the survey; however, many did not answer the majority of the questions. The results were analyzed by tallying the totals for each question. Due to a low response rate, the time to collect results was extended. This research reports the preliminary results based upon the data gathered through June, 2018.

The questions distinguished between individuals who have influenced theory, research, and clinical practice. Regarding specific sources, the questions distinguished between influences across the history of transpersonal psychology and influences from the past 10-years.

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