The Further Mode. P.L.Lattuada

Passage from Zero
If we reflect on our interior experience, we can find confirmation of the fact that every time we let go our identifications with the contents of I (the full empties), the contents of Self (the empty fills), the force of our true nature, the essence of what we really are, reach our consciousness.
This fact may not be measurable with the criterion of reductionist science, but it is there to be verified by whoever wishes to, by whoever wishes to maintain Persistence of Contactlong enough (law of Natural Naturalness).
By persisting in contact and letting flow, our mind is emptied, false needs fade away, different people, roles and masks we built dissolve; at the end, we always find only ourselves.
At the end of the tunnel light is found, always, just like the darkest night is always followed by dawn.
By persisting in contact and letting flow, the chronic tensions of our body, depository of past traumas and of present conflicts of I, fade away.
A healing that is always characterized by a creative transcendence of the new. New that emerges from the vacuum, emptied by the full. 
Passing from the Zero means realizing that we already are at the source, we always have been. There’s no place to go, no aim to reach, no strategy to carry out.
If you wish to understand the Passage from Zero, you can behave like a thirsty person in the desert that finds a spring. Once there, you simply drink and disappear from the world. All around sand, sun, snakes, solitude and the path to walk are still there, but you disappear from the world because you’re thirsty and you’re drinking. In front of every problem, every conflict, every pain, you can try to disappear. Don’t wish for thoughts to disappear, for the problem to be solved, don’t even try to meditate, simply disappear and leave the problem behind and drink from the source.
The creative transcendence in the new is basically characterized by the willingness to disappear to one selves. In order for the creative force to operate it’s necessary to be willing to die, to let go, to cross the limits we think we have.
The Further Mode
The Further Mode (Modo Ulteriore) represents a modality of knowledge that transcends the dual prospective of the ordinary consciousness as it integrates the opposites and gives a unitive vision to existence.
 The Further Mode allows unify dualism (light and shade, emptiness and fullness, high and low): by making two (what’s separated) one (what’s integrated), Essence and the dimension of Selfare accessed.
To master the Transe means realizing the Further Mode,that is “to make the two one”, “to become the other” instead of opposing to the other. Whereas “other than oneself” refers to everything that doesn’t concern our most intimate essence, that is to say: all content of our mind (sensations, emotions, thoughts, images, memories, etc.), every organ of our material body and every phenomenon of the “external reality”.
To realize the Further Mode means to enter the flow of existence, to remain in contact and to orient the awareness in the direction complementary to the flow.
It means, hence, to allow what is still to move, to give firmness to what moves, to let out what is inside, to empty the full and to fill up the empty, to go towards leaving, to move upwards letting oneself go, to reunite separating and so on.
This way we will be able to create the conditions needed to overcome every conflict which is, exactly, the contrast of two opposite forces.
If we make “ the two one” we will be able to transcend the egoic condition of our dual mind and to gradually free ourselves from our personal history “transforming every enemy into an ally, every symptom into a message, every event into a teaching, every force into our force”.
Through the Further Mode we will be able to treat every event – an emotion or a wish, an obsessive thought or a guardian angel, an inner image or the loved one, headache or joy – as an entity through which we can reach the Transe, allowing this way the “transformation of a process of consciousness”.
Entering Transe with the forces of earth, water, air, fire that live inside and outside us, will allow us to harmonize with them and with the “intimate nature or spiritual essence” of which they are a manifestation. Finally we could find our place in the forests and in the ocean, among the animals and the rocks, the waterfalls and the moon, as a manifestation of the divine itself.

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