Jim Garrison – Educating Our Young for the Future that is Coming

History has radically accelerated in both hyper-complexity and fragility. Human civilization is now threatening virtually every natural ecosystem in a world where small events anywhere can have major repercussions everywhere. Dr. Garrison will discuss several of the megatrends shaping the human future and then envision what education would look like if we took absolutely seriously the fact that we have collectively come to the point at which nothing less than a complete re-imagination of humanity’s relationship with the larger ecology will suffice to ensure the survival of human civilization. Our central challenge is how to ignite new consciousness at a mass level so that humanity activate the kind of creative intelligence required to deal with the future that is coming. This challenge can most optimally begin with education, for this is where the mindsets, skill sets, and tool sets of our young people are established. They need an education that is personal, digital, integral, modular, mobile, transformational, affordable, collaborative, ceaselessly creative, and global — a whole new kind of education for a whole new kind of world.

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