(EUROTAS conference Italy 2015)
Our central challenge is how to ignite new consciousness
Salvation and strength interact in a wonderful synergy
The essence is: accept, let-go and be aware
We will allow the being of life and love of which we are made
The expansion of consciousness and a participatory dialogue with the archetypal forces that act within us
Deepen the understanding of mindfulness through music-based mindfulness activities
Transforming ‘conflict’ into a creative game is like alchemy
We re-discover ourselves as a unit within the Whole
For the mental state to reach a more harmonic and relaxed condition
Working in non-ordinary reality for the purpose of personal, community and planetary healing
A state of oneiric vigil is induced, allowing a personal journey in which blockages are revealed and tensions are released
We will try to consider our surroundings as something new – unseen, full of miracles at the same time feeling the oneness of everything
An occasion to let ourselves vibrate in a field of wellbeing, awareness and cure
The MovinmeD system makes full use of the faculties of mirror neurons
Medicine wheel, sweat lodge and trance dance as archaic tools for modern therapies
Hope, happiness and love can be the main elements in the process of transformation and evolution of human beings
Listening deeply and consciously to ourselves, we will open the path that will bring us to listen and discover the world around us
The workshop is divided in an introductory part and in an experience one during which the participants can recognize the sacredness in each thing and everywhere.


(Lines taken from the first 60 pages of the conference program)

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