P. L. Lattuada, MD, Ph.D., Professor, Transpersonal Psychoterapy School,
Integral Transpersonal Institute, Milan, Italy

• Aim
The Biotransenergetica (BTE) is a transpersonal discipline deeply innovative, that offers a participatory vision, dynamic and interconnected between the individual and the environment, works with states of consciousness, encouraging a costant dialogue between personal self and Transpersonal Archetypal Forces.
It grew in more than 30,000 hours of work with individual and group sessions from 1982 to 2010.
Intent of this work is to present its guarantees of validity.
• Materials and methods
In 28 years of clinical work have been collected over 5000 hours of recorded material-
Clinical work consists of group and individual sessions of Biotransenergetica.
The data collected through registration of feedback on inner experiences were compared with data collected by clinical observation and subtle observation by a psychic, clairvoyant.
Under investigation is the ‘inner experience of the individual in relation to the surrounding field.
• Results
The processing of the data suggests a relationship participatory, dynamic and interconnected between the Organismic Self and Transpersonal Field that seem to converse in a participatory process that we have called Transe.
The Organismic Self is in Transe, the Transpersonal Field is in Transe, and theu are in Trans between themselves.
The realization of what we have called Organismic Trans harmonic create for resonance the conditions for the activation of what we called the Transpersonal Field harmonic, the access to a Transpersonal Range that creates for resonance the conditions for the realization of a Organismic Transe harmonic.
• Summary
The concept of Transe and of Field allow for a dynamic reading and interconnected about the individual and his experience of the environment, define a vision for where each event is a process.
An integrated vision and participatory allow to free the phenomenon from interpretative static categories and outdated such as: problem or conflict, frees human behavior from the cages of diagnostic labels to read it in the key of process of harmonic or disharmonic structures.
The transpersonal maieutics is defined as a “Technology of Biotransenergetica” which is allied to the dialogue between individual and environment by encouraging the mastery of the participatory process of the Transpersonal Field in the harmonization of the structures inharmonious (Chronic Transe) individual.
This participatory process can be read with the eyes of Shamanic Gnosis as a process in which the spirit, through the intercession of the shaman’s that evokes it, disc and free from evil, rooted Biotransenergetica and the other experiential transpersonal psychotherapy to the Technologies of the Sacred Tradition of the Original.

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