Psychotherapy of the Future

15 Questions about Transpersonal Psychotherapy


Transpersonal psychotherapy speaks to us of a way of being in the world and doing things that goes beyond appearances. As such, it belongs to the heroic journey of anyone en route home, through valleys of passion and ignorance, peaks of insight and leaps of heart, nights of the soul and endless awakenings, deaths and rebirths, who simply recognises himself in the humble attempt to free himself from his personal history and drink from the source of being. As this book shows, it is a way that passes through awareness, synergy, sharing, resonance, interconnection, nature, respect, listening, contact, acceptance, responsibility, emotional mastery, and self-knowledge.

Through 15 questions, this text deals with the transpersonal psychotherapeutic approach in a thorough and detailed way.



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Pier Luigi Lattuada (2022) Psychotherapy of the Future: 15 Questions about Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Cambridge Scholar Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne


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